Dear Club Member,

Attached are details of the Autumn International Series ticket prices.

Regarding the Restricted View tickets, I queried the availability of these with the Leinster Branch and received the following reply –

‘’We do not get a lot of RV tickets so they would be as well off applying for the standard ones. We have more RV Cat1 than any other so they may be successful with them but not the others.”

Please complete the  Excel Request Form, (Click Box below to download) detailing the category of ticket & number you wish to purchase for each game. (Max of 2 per game, excluding Parent/Child package.). Bear in mind that the Parent/Child package is ONE Parent & up to 8 Children. An extra Parent ticket may be applied for but will be seated separately.

Please note the CLUB will be charging a Levy of €10 per ticket (excluding children) for the Project 24 Fund.

Return the Request Form by e-mail to

The deadline for receipt of this Request Form (by e-mail only) is 25th June, due to the fact that the IRFU requires all application before the 28th June.

No payment is due now, but if your request is successful, we will inform you of the amount due and payment method.

To avail of this opportunity, you must be a fully paid-up adult member of Wexford Wanderers RFC for the 2022/23 season. This criterion will be strictly enforced.

Sending in this Request is not a guarantee of tickets.

Ticket holders need to be aware of rules applying on match day under Covid regulations for access to games.

Tony Walsh (0862616494)/John Kearney/Aidan O’Gorman

International Ticket Committee