Under 14's


Enniscorthy       LEINSTER U14 LEAGUE 2013/2014              
Wexford       SECTION A SOUTH              
New Ross                      
WK 1  05-Oct   WK 2  12-Oct   WK 3  19-Oct   WK 4  09-Nov  
Enniscorthy 20-07 Wexford Wexford 12-26 Kilkenny Enniscorthy v Wichlow Wexford v Portlaoise
Kilkenny 00-68 Wichlow Wichlow 70-00 Portlaoise Kilkenny v Gorey Wichlow v New Ross
Portlaoise 00-40 Gorey Gorey 41-00 New Ross Portlaoise v bye Gorey v Enniscorthy
New Ross v bye bye v Enniscorthy New Ross v Wexford bye v Kilkenny
WK5  16-Nov   WK6 30-Nov   WK7 07-Dec        
Enniscorthy v Kilkenny Kilkenny v Portlaoise Portlaoise v Enniscorthy      
Wexford v Wichlow Wichlow v Gorey Gorey v Wexford      
Portlaoise v New Ross New Ross v Enniscorthy New Ross v Kilkenny      
Gorey v bye bye v Wexford bye v Wichlow      

U14's Coach  , Training times Monday and Thursday 7.30 - 9pm 

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