Child Welfare Policy

The IRFU Policy Document on Child Welfare has been adopted by Wexford Wanderers Rugby Club.

All Age Grade coaches of the Club receive a personal copy of the document for reference.

The Document includes:

  • All of the polices required by the Club
  • Guidelines on best practise in Clubs
  • Codes of conduct for players, coaches, parents and spectators.

Parents and Guardians are advised that the Policy Document is available from the Child Welfare Officer or the Youth or Mini Co-ordinator at any time.


Contact Details

Youth Co-ordinator (13-19yrs)
Ciaran Kavanagh 087 7373020

Mini Co-ordinator (6-12yrs)
Debbie Carty 087 7449117

Child Welfare Officer
Helen White 087 8530076

All Club Officers and Coaches details can be found at here.



The IRFU has identified roles for ‘Children’s Welfare Officers’ at National, Branch and Club Level. Each club appoints a Children’s Welfare Officer who receives information and training from the IRFU.

Wexford Wanderers Rugby Club considers the safety, health, general welfare and dignity of each Age Grade Player to be paramount.

The Club wants rugby for young people to be safe and fun, and irrespective the level of competition, it wants to ensure the game is conducted in a spirit of ‘fair play’.

Wexford Wanderers Rugby Club has appointed a Child Welfare Officer whose role is to ensure that the IRFU, Sports Council and Club Guidelines are adhered to.

The Officer acts as a resource to all members with regards to children’s issues and is available to advise adults on how to deal with any concerns that may arise in relation to the protection of young people.



  • Act at all times in the best interest of Age Grade Players.
  • Be familiar with the Code, Policy, Guidelines and other information of requirements provided by the IRFU.
  • Communicate with Branch Child Welfare officer on any matter on which the Club Child Welfare Officer considers it necessary on which the advice or directions of the Union are required.
  • Receive from the Branch Child Welfare Officer, advice, information and directions from the IRFU concerning Age Grade Players and act accordingly.
  • Inform the Club of requirements made by the IRFU concerning Age Grade Players.
  • Be in a position to respond accurately and promptly to queries from the IRFU regarding Age Grade Players in their Club generally or in relation to a specific incident.
  • Be the Contact person in the Club for the Statutory Authorities regarding the welfare of Age Grade Players who are members of the Club.



The Club aims to maintain a clear channel of communication in respect of the implementation of its Child Welfare Policy and Guidelines.

The Child Welfare Officer liases closely with the Youth and Mini Co-ordinators to ensure that all policies and guidelines with regard to age grade rugby are adhered to.

All age grade coaches are required to sign that they have read the Child Protection Policy document and that they adhere to the policies regarding Child Welfare in the document.

There is regular communication between the Club and the Leinster Club Development Manager an all matters relating to Child Welfare and Protection.