Match report - Blitz 19.11.2016 U10 vs New Ross

Match Report 19th November

Under 10’s vs New Ross

Toes and fingers fell victim to the change in temperature at the weekend with the visit of New Ross on an otherwise perfect morning for rugby. The cold snap undoubtedly shaped the fixture as we saw more missed tackles and lacklustre support play the longer the fixture went on as the prospect of hot drinks and sandwiches (very ably delivered by the U10’s parents this week) beckoned.

There was, as ever, great effort and skill on display throughout the matches (including a spectacular diving finish cruelly called as ‘in-touch’) with some strong running and hard tackling heaping pressure on our opponents.

Passing is improving week on week and our focus on moving the ball from the base of a ruck/maul rather than constantly picking and running is providing more collective opportunities to run ball in hand further away from the heavy traffic. That will undoubtedly yield more and more tries as the season develops.

We seemed a little slower to secure the ball, more hesitant in the tackle and less combative around the breakdown than we would have been in our previous matches and indeed week on week at training. We need to find a way of transferring that ‘Monday night’ intensity to a match day and be a little less forgiving / polite towards our opponents around the breakdown.

Our own ball was disrupted a lot. However, our temporarily ‘loaned-out’ Wexford players seemed to be in the thick of things and inordinately responsible for the disruption in this area and even the odd score!! 

So, plenty to work on and no better opportunity to step things up again with the immediate visit of Enniscorthy on Saturday – let’s just hope the temperature rises a little and the fingers and toes are suitably thawed!!